Security Uniforms


Safety comes first for your employees, especially if you’re in the sometimes-dangerous business of keeping other people safe as well. Whether you’re in private security, military or police, your employees have to feel safe, before they can provide safety to others—this includes being safe in their security uniforms. Superior Uniform Group® can help you with that part of the job.

When it comes to your line of business, it is critical that you have the appropriate articles of clothing made especially for your type of business. Superior Uniform Group offers all types of security uniforms items, such as: tactical shirts, military shirts, military pants, security pants, security jackets, jumpsuits, hats, accessories (whistles and shoes), outerwear and skirts with many different feature options, which include:

  • Soil release fabric
  • Comfort-in-action
  • Triple strength pocketing
  • Stitched military creases
  • Banjo elbow reinforcements
  • Durable and PVC outerwear
  • Weather-resistance
  • Zip-out thinsulate liners
  • Customized striping, emblems reflective heat seals and patches
  • Side vents for easy access to pockets
  • Sling style badge support and more.

If you’re looking for a soft-tailored look or a rugged customized uniform, talk to a customer care representative who can help you outfit the right look for your image and your security needs.