Eco Uniforms


Superior Uniform Group is FabriConscious™ - creating hospitality uniforms, chef apparel, aprons, and other groups eco uniforms made from environmentally friendly fabrics - including Eco Poly and 100% Organic Cotton. Our eco uniforms include:

  • Chef Coats and Pants
  • Waist and Bib Aprons
  • Knit Shirts
  • Organic Tees
  • Moisture Management Polos

Superior Uniform Group uses Poly Eco-Pique is made of recycle plastic water or soda bottles which are sorted, crushed and shredded to create small pure “PET flakes”. The “PET flakes” are used as a raw material to form the polyester fibers.

Beyond the life of the uniform, once a recycled poly garment is no longer suitable to be part of a uniform it can be repurposed yet again. Retired textiles are shredded to create ‘shoddy’ or fillers in care insulation, roofing felts, loudspeaker cones, panel linings, furniture padding and more.