What enables Superior Uniform Group to provide customers with timely, well-packed, complete and customizable orders? How is Superior Uniform Group able to ship annually more than 400,000 orders and 11 million uniforms from its Eudora distribution center? Robots.

Take a first hand look at the Warehouse Management System located in Eudora, AR.


In the early 1990’s, Superior Uniform Group® developed groundbreaking technology for apparel distribution in the company’s 218,000 square foot state-of-the-art uniform distribution center in Eudora, Arkansas. By investing in automation and creating a 55,000 square foot robotic warehouse—employing sophisticated technologies such as tilt tray sorters, a vision system, robotic cranes and conveyors—Superior Uniform Group turned what was already an ideally located facility for timely nationwide and worldwide fulfillment of uniform deliveries, into a world-class distribution facility.

The technologies used in Eudora create a flexible environment that allows Superior Uniform Group to achieve rapid turnaround, to efficiently ship orders of any size, big or small, with the same ease; and to meet any company’s logistical requirement.

In addition to technology, the Eudora distribution facility is easily able to accommodate special shipping and traffic needs including:

  • direct-to-employee, direct-to-location or direct-to-distribution center shipments;
  • bulk shipment of uniforms to distribution centers with individual packages labeled for the final destination location;
  • special requirements pertaining to how a particular uniform is labeled, packaged and otherwise prepared for shipment packing; and
  • international shipments requiring working with customs (both U.S. and foreign), processing all commercial paperwork and exporting the documentation necessary in order to meet the customer’s deadline.

Superior Uniform Group regularly upgrades the technology in Eudora as well as its processes to ensure the status and excellence of the facility remain intact.